“Socially Conscious Investing” a conversation facilitated by Stacy Francis

Thursday, December 5th
6:30PM to 9:00PM

Francis Financial
39 Broadway, Suite 1730 NYC

We invite you to join us for a Money Conversation Circle where we will set aside our judgments and self-recriminations and get curious about how we can invest with our values in mind. The purpose of the Circle is not to talk spreadsheets, but to learn from each other, and from ourselves.

To rsvp, email


A special restorative circle gathering for women:

Money & Families” Monday, Oct. 21 6:30-8:00 pm
at The Assemblage, 17 John St. NYC

Restorative Circles offer a powerful process to work through issues for individuals and communities. This restorative method honors the voices of both individuals and groups while building greater understanding and connection. Katherine Peabody, Restorative Circle Keeper and conflict mediator, will lead us in a discussion to deeply explore our own relationship to money and its power dynamic in our family relationships.

Climate Solutions for a Habitable Planet, a conversation
The Assemblage NoMad, Sep. 18, 7-9 pm

Cameron Russell, model-activist
Sarah Shanley Hope, Executive Director of The Solutions Project
Clara Vondrich, Global Director of Divest Invest
Dr. Julie Pullen, climate scientist
Wahleah Johns, Executive Director of Native Renewables

This panel spotlighted the vital leadership women bring to creating and financing climate solutions globally. We explored how women are funding and deploying renewables, technology, and regenerative approaches in support of the energy transition, climate justice, and other women.

Women Power Our Planet’s #breakupwithyourbank party August 29, 2019 at Chase Bank, Astor Place, NYC
Chase is the world’s #1 bank financing fossil fuel infrastructure (to the tune of ~$200 billion over the last 3 years) — using our money to keep the fossil fuel party going. We threw our own party to celebrate shifting our funds out of banks financing the fossil fuel industry and toward the future we want to create. And the cupcakes were delicious! Take the pledge to move your money, and get your t-shirt here.

Our launch event “Deploying Capital to Impact Climate Solutions” at the Assemblage NYC July 23, 2019. Over 125 people joined our conversation.