What you NEED to do:  

The big banks (Chase, Wells Fargo, CitiBank, Bank of America: full list from Rainforest Action Network) along with Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley lend out your money to keep the fossil fuel party going to the tune of trillions of dollars. It’s bad for the planet and it’s a bad investment. Climate risk and “transition” risk will leave oil & gas investments stranded and someone will be left holding the bag. That’s not a fetching bag to be holding.

So what do you do with your hard-earned money? Move to banks and investments free & clear of fossil fuel exposure. Lots of studies show the returns are better there. And make sure where you put your money practices inclusive decision-making. Because those companies do better too. Collectively we must invest in climate solutions and a future that embraces women in leadership.


The science shows that that we have a chance at limiting warming to 1.5C if fossil fuel infrastructure investments are halted immediately. Instead, the oil & gas industry has accelerated investment in fossil fuel extraction & development, supported by banks - i.e., using YOUR MONEY (more). “Increasing flows to sustainable business models and restricting flows to unsustainable business models are imperative for the future of this planet — and from an economic perspective as well.” (World Economic Forum on why financing is the leading climate solution.) In other words, it’s time to flip the system.

Women hold only 20% of board seats in the Fortune 1000, and far fewer at smaller companies. Only 7% of partners at the top 100 venture firms in the world are women. Women-owned companies garner fewer investments (2.2% of VC funds). Only 1% of wealth management firms are run by women. We need women leaders to unlock the planetary transformations needed to transition to a sustainable planet.




  • Move your money out of banks that fund the fossil fuel industry

  • Move to sustainable banks & investments (Consult our Resources)

  • Buy from women-led businesses

  • Invest in causes for a habitable planet