About Us

Women Power Our Planet was founded by model, activist and philanthropist, Dawn Gallagher, climate scientist and technologist, Julie Pullen, and Mira Megs Lathrop, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP)® and Certified Money Coach (CMC)®. Our aim is to mobilize women to transform their relationship with money, and in the process transform our planet.



Dawn is an influencer, model, best-selling author and brand ambassador for sustainable beauty brands. She is a talent lead for Role Models Management and is a member of model activists, connecting models with a voice to sustainable companies. She is passionate about the environment and the indigenous inhabitants of our planet. Her philanthropic efforts include Pachamama Alliance and numerous women’s initiatives. She is on the board of directors of Eco-Soapbank.org which empowers women in developing companies make a living by recycling soap. Dawn believes raising the consciousness of women around finance and investing in sustainable initiatives can be lead contributors in climate solutions.



Julie is a leading oceanographer and meteorologist using earth system models to simulate the impacts of climate change at local scales. She is an adjunct research scientist at Columbia’s Earth Institute and a Board member of the Waterfront Alliance - an organization comprised of over 1000 groups focused on achieving climate resilient cities. She was a member of the National Academy of Sciences committee peer-reviewing the recent National Climate Assessment, and has contributed to the New York City Panel on Climate Change (NPCC). Last year she was a Fulbright visiting professor in the Philippines - an experience that galvanized her to further her efforts to address the urgency of climate change. She is committed to expanding women’s leadership in STEM.


Mira Megs Lathrop

Mira is the Co-Creator of the Money Coaching Program at Capital One, a national Money Coaching Program that she developed and helped grow to over 25 Money Coaches across the country.  She was a Financial Advisor for 10 years with Morgan Stanley, and is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP)® and Certified Money Coach (CMC)®. She has a successful and extensive career as a personal Money Coach with hundreds of clients.  Mira is a pioneer in bridging people and capital and transforming people’s relationship with money. She is experienced and adept at facilitating dialogue around the regenerative economy and collective abundance.


Tracy Gray, Advisor

Tracy is the founder and managing partner of The 22 Capital Group, a Los Angeles venture-capital and advisory firm. She founded We Are Enough, a not-for-profit, to educate women on investing in women-owned or women-led businesses, and how to invest with a 'gender lens.' She has keynoted many national conferences and was featured in the 200 Women project and book. She started her career as a systems engineer on the NASA Space Shuttle program. Tracy holds a bachelor's degree in mathematical science from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and dual master's degrees in business administration from the University of California, Berkeley, and Columbia University.



Georgie is an international technology investor and entrepreneur. She is the Co-Founder and CEO of Align17, a private platform for family offices and ultra-high net-worth individuals inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals to identify vetted impact investments. She previously co-founded and was the Head of Strategy of OrchardMile.com, a luxury fashion marketplace for women. In 2012, the World Economic Forum recognized her as a Young Global Leader for her leadership on environmental issues – the first Puerto Rican to be bestowed with this honor. Georgie has worked on financing solar energy projects and trained with the Climate Reality project in order to develop and communicate climate solutions.


Kristin Hull, Advisor

Kristin launched Nia Global Solutions, where she is CEO and CIO, in 2013 to bring impact investing into the public markets. In doing so, she developed Nia’s six solutions-focused investment themes, weaving a strong gender-lens throughout the investment thesis. Kristin is a conscious investor empowering individuals, families and organizations across all of her efforts to invest in alignment with their values, for the world they want to see. Kristin served as President and Chair of the Board of the Hull Family Foundation from 2007 to 2011, where she oversaw all of the investment efforts, transitioning the endowment from a traditional investment portfolio to one of the country’s first 100% mission impact invested portfolios.