"Switching my bank from CitiBank to Amalgamated was easy and fast. My money is now working to support the causes that matter to me. But more importantly I am confident my money is not used to fund the fossil fuel industry. The holistic deployment of my assets to support the planet has transformed my life."

— Dawn Gallagher


“Money is power! It can make or break our world, depending on where we choose to place it. So make sure YOUR money is intentionally placed where it will do the most good.
So if you care about the environment and are pro things like renewable energy, land preservation and ocean-cleanups, make sure your money support those things too! There are banks out there only investing in green businesses and I chose to move my money to @amalgamated_bank , but you can do your own research! ☺️🌿”

—Anne Therese Gennari


“I've been doing all my own investment research to find funds that support a very necessary global energy transition, and I've made progress - but completely on my own, and it's been tough - I'm no investment expert. So I'm very excited to have come across your organization.”

— Susan Stuart


"Spending the time to analyze our portfolio and eliminate the funds that invest in fossil fuels has unlocked more gains in our investments and allowed us to align our investing with our values."

— Kate Sinding


"I switched my bank to
Amalgamated. I’m very happy
that I can do my banking guilt free.  
We have power with our checkbooks."

— Halina warren